But What About The Learning?

I watched the Learning Solutions Best of Solutionfest webinar yesterday. There was one of the winners that I can’t stop thinking about.

The assignment was to teach about lab safety at a university in North Carolina. The training dept. hired a production crew and actors to create a very professional 10 minute movie. I thought it was all very cool and really great, however in my humble opinion, I didn’t really think it was a great learning piece. It seems to me it would have been so easy to just add in a few things that would have helped to cement the 5 steps to lab safety but they did not and I had a great tune stuck in my head by the end of the film, but not the 5 steps to lab safety. It seemed like a really expensive project ($35k probably not counting cost of in-house team of 5 which worked on it) which ended up being more about wanting to do something cool and less about teaching people or changing behavior. Like I said, I thought it was really cool too, but I think it’s a good lesson to watch getting caught up in the cool stuff only for find out you just produced $50k worth of clicky, clicky, bling, bling as Cammie Bean likes to say. Sorry Zombie College. I loved it but wonder if this really improved lab safety at your university. Maybe the ultimate lesson is, if it’s cool enough, no one cares about behavior change. I would like to have both.

Here’s the link. What do you think?

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Merging a lifetime in the arts and over 15 years in marketing and communications with a passion for learning and helping others learn, I take pride in striving to design online and blended learning experiences which engage thoughtful reflection, improve performance and motivate and excite learners … or at least make compliance training a little less painful :)

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