Hold On, Here We Go!

And so it begins …

My first daily create for Learning with Digital Stories and my adventure with ds106.  I can tell already this is going to be a big challenge for me.  The biggest part of the challenge?  It’s not making things, I’m good at coming up with ideas and starting projects.  But making things fast and launching them without humming and hawing over every detail and not perfecting and going back over and deciding it’s not good enough to launch is going to be the tricky part.  I have a feeling this course will help me grow in ways I hadn’t realized.  Maybe I will get past some of my ruminating paralysis that plagues me so often.

For the first daily create assignment was:

What has made you happy recently? represent three of them in some kind of media form and tweet it.

Simple, right?  Well I thought about what I could create.  It seemed easy enough, plenty of things have made me happy recently.  But when I started thinking how to put some together I immediately started with the self editing.  “No, that’s too simple, too easy.  How about this?  No, people might judge me.  Why do I care? ”  This ridiculous self conversation went on and on.

I’ve been listening to an audio book called The Confidence Code by Kattie Shay and Claire Shipman.  It’s a fascinating look at how our brains can be pre-wired toward self-sabotage. I just listened to a passage talking about how action, mastery and fighting self-perfection are the first steps toward re-wiring those tendencies.   Frickin’ kismet!

I told myself I had to just complete the assignment and get the darned thing turned in.  And hey, I did it.

One down, many to go!


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Merging a lifetime in the arts and over 15 years in marketing and communications with a passion for learning and helping others learn, I take pride in striving to design online and blended learning experiences which engage thoughtful reflection, improve performance and motivate and excite learners … or at least make compliance training a little less painful :)

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