Bucketa Bucketa!


I’ve always kind of hated that overused term “bucket list” so I guess I’ve avoided ever really thinking this through. Another part of my hesitation is that it seems daunting to come up with a whole list of EVERYTHING you want to do before you die.  So, this was actually a very fun and freeing exercise.  Only 4 things, 4 little things – surely you can come up with 4.  So, here are my four.  I enjoyed dreaming about these things.  One is a trip, one living  in a new country, one attaining a new skill, and the other having a new experience (I’ve always loved chickens).

I started with living in Spain.  This is something I have often thought about.  I’ve never lived for any length of time in a foreign country and definitely hope to do this before kicking the old bucket.  I have been lucky to have visited many wonderful places and upon leaving I can never resist feeling a little bummed at realizing that even as hard as I’ve tried to have an authentic experience, the reality is that you can never really know what life is really like for the people who live there by staying for a week or two.

Next I remembered that crazy giant Buddha (biggest Buddha in the world actually) near Leshan, China.  I was smitten with that big guy from the first time I set eyes on him!

In April we traveled to Havana, Cuba.  I really meant to work hard on my Spanish before we left.  I even started Duo Lingo (which is an awesome program I might add) and got up to about the 15th lesson.  However, I had just started a new job, with school, the kids, etc., etc. (insert excuse here), I just didn’t get around to it.  We ended up staying in a home of some Cubans who, it turned out, had virtually no English.  My husband and sons, who have all taken several years of high school Spanish worked really hard to communicate, but it was really quite a comedy of errors navigating through not only the language barrier but also cultural differences as to what was expected of guests.  We got by okay, but since that trip I vowed that one day I will become fluent in Spanish., by golly!

Finally, chickens, really?  Yep, I love chickens!   I’ve never lived anywhere or felt I had the time and effort to put into chickens.

One day when I’m living in Spain, speaking Spanish, and looking at my photo album of my trip all around China, I will be talking to my chickens and telling them all about it.  ” Ya sabes, Sparkles, por lo que el Buda, que es grande, me refiero a realmente!”




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