You’re Already Awesome, Just Get Out of Your Own Way!

I couldn’t resist the title of this digital story.  This week I watched a Tedx talk related to my area of interest: You’re Already Awesome, Just Get Out of Your Own Way! By Judson Brewer.  This was a fairly short talk, only a little over 10 minutes.  It had some very good elements that related well to my topic, but also held some surprises.

This talk focused mostly on how when we think to much we lose our flow and get “caught up In our own thinking”.   As a doctor working to help people to get over cravings, Judson has witnessed first hand, and by looking at people’s brain scans, that if people can learn to be more mindful by meditating, it can help them to just “be with” their cravings rather than feel the anxiety and feel they need to do something about them.

I chose 4 assessment areas from Jason Ohler’s article to assess this digital story:

Originality, voice, creativity – In the audio book I’m reading in my area of interest, The Confidence Code, they talk at length about how meditation can help you to be in the moment and decrease your ruminating, a big confidence killer. I have read about flow and about how meditating can increase confidence, but I appreciated this insight into this idea and the practical application of being able to relate this to people who had a specific goal, trying to quit smoking.

Sense of audience – Judson had a very good sense of his audience.  He told a few jokes that were funny, but on the level of the smile, not the guffaw, to help people relate to his story and make the neuroscience more consumable to the general public.

Presentation and performance – His performance was very good.  He had obviously rehearsed and practiced substantially.  You can tell from his delivery that he may be a person who is not extremely comfortable in front of a group, but with practice, he was able to deliver a very good performance.

Media Application – The visuals used in the slides were simple, but effective.  They did not detract from the message, but helped to illustrate and add information and meaning to the message.

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