Week 2 Reflection


kitty reflection

I began week 2 excited and encouraged.  I had lived through week 1 and even ended up being able to complete all of my assignments (a task I actually thought was impossible).   I felt going into week 2 that it was going to be much easier as I was getting the hang of how everything worked.

I do feel it was easier for me to complete assignments this week.  I truly enjoyed the daily creates and the audio assignment this week.  Annotating using Hypothesis with our small groups was really pretty amazing.  I enjoyed this experience.  It felt like we were reading and creating meaning together.  It was thought-provoking and interesting to read and share interesting and unique insights on the reading as well as comments and reflections that were similar as well.   The multi-media shares were awesome, however I spent way too much time with this as I kept watching and reading items posted by my peers and that would lead to me trying to locate something cool to post for my annotations too.  I really enjoyed reading and sharing like this, but think I will start make a deadline to try to get this done earlier and maybe go back later to consume more later in the week if I have completed other assignments.

I feel I did better work this week, and it was definitely less stressful.  I feel going into week 3 that I will continue to improve.  I continue to find my biggest challenge is just getting things done quickly and launching them.  This is such good practice for me in being more decisive and taming my instincts toward hesitation and perfection paralysis.

I’m looking forward to the fun and experiences we’re in for next week.

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