Weekly Reflection – Week 3

Okay, so this week I gotta say was difficult, more difficult than any week so far.  I began the week feeling excited and on top of everything I need to do for this class and looking forward to learning and working with my classmates in creating learning.

But then life happened.  First of all, I started the reading assignment which I must say was very interesting and engaging on DIY media, but unfortunately I found about ¾ in that I was annotating in a different document than the rest of my small group.  I’m not exactly sure how that happened, as it was the link I had followed from the syllabus, but by Wednesday, when I saw no one else had contributed, I started to get suspicious.  I was able to search and find where my small group was annotating and I went back and re-annotated what I had already contributed, which was frustrating.

I had a crazy busy week at work, which required additional evening work.  Then I was sick for a couple of days and ended up in bed unable to even sit or stand.  Finally, I had a death in my family which was not only sad and difficult, but also resulted in a family member who had downed a 5th of rum, keeping me up until 8am grieving and crying and demanding I stay up with them all night.  It was a challenging week to say the least.

I was not going to let this keep me from completing the requirements of my class.  This particular family member was verbally abusive and referenced my graduate program as evidence that I was selfish, not a good person, and that I was too focused on advancement in myself and my career.

I was supportive, I stayed up to comfort this person as well as I could and finally got them to bed around 8am, but this also made me determined.  I told myself I would indeed complete the weekly requirements of my summer course.  I woke up, sleepy from a crazy evening, but unwavering in my resolve to complete the rest of the assignments required for my course.

Okay, so that seems pretty dramatic. Yeah, it is.  I have to say I was  pleased that I was able to complete at least the minimum requirements for the week when it seemed completely impossible.

I do feel I can definitely improve.  For week 4, I plan to complete most assignments in the first few days of next week, as I will be traveling later in the week to a funeral.

This class is important to me.  I’m proud of the work I have done so far, and feel that it is important to continue to improve and flourish in this class.  This is not only a matter of completing a class for me.  It is proof that I am making my learning a priority in my life and succeeding in creating the life I want to live.

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Merging a lifetime in the arts and over 15 years in marketing and communications with a passion for learning and helping others learn, I take pride in striving to design online and blended learning experiences which engage thoughtful reflection, improve performance and motivate and excite learners … or at least make compliance training a little less painful :)

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