The Secret to Conor McGregor’s Confidence

This week for my digital story critique, I ran across a video within my personal research interest topic by Charlie at Charisma on Command.  This video dissects and analyzes the confidence of Conor McGregor, an MMA fighting world champion from Ireland.

Conor is famous not only for being a winner, but also for the unwavering and complete confidence he presents himself with.

This video begins with clips of him trash talking his opponents and speaking of how sure he will win fights.  This is something that isn’t unique to MMA fighters, or professional fighters or boxers all over the world.  What makes this really interesting is the way the narrator stops the video, rewinds and replays and analyzes his speech and movements to make specific points to illustrate how Conor’s body language,  and communication style reflect a unique, steady, and resolute certainty that he will beat his opponents. In addition, he speaks with a friendly, but authoritative voice, that can appeal to many audiences.

Specifically, he observes the way Conor is able to make a self-aggrandizing statement but sit with it and show complete resolve that he believes what he is saying.  Secondly, that he is able to focus on the things that he has control over, rather than what is outside of his control.  Lastly, that he has an amazing knack to visualize specifically what his strengths are and how he will overcome challenges he will face to beat an opponent.  Through these visualizations, he is able to practice in his mind how he will overcome obstacles over and over again.

This video can appeal to viewers on many levels.  Of course, he appeals to MMA enthusiasts or viewers hoping to understand the secret to Conor McGregor’s success as a fighter, but also this appeals to people seeking a general view into the life of a very successful individual and how he continues to believe in himself and meet his goals.

So the secrets to Conor’s confidence?

  1. Get relevant experience – make sure you can execute on the basic mechanics of what you want to be confidence in.
  2. Draw on what you can control.
  3. Use specific and relevant visualizations to help practice how you will overcome obstacles on your way to success.


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