Week 5 Reflection


So, week 5 has come to an end.  My first impulse on reflecting upon the week is to say how much I’ve enjoyed interacting with other Digital Stories participants and others who I’ve communicated with through Twitter and other social networking platforms regarding subjects and creations initiated through this course.  Secondly, the Daily Creates have been nearly addicting and  the Mashup Assignment, once I decided on one, was very fun as well.  I like what I produced this week.

I feel I did a better job keeping up with my commitments to this class, however, I continue to start my week jazzed to get stuff done early and end up finishing and launching a great deal of the assignments on the weekend, just before they are due.

I have a new plan for this coming week however.  I got an idea from the audio book I’m currently listening to within my personal interest area:  The Charisma Myth, by Olivia Fox Cabane.  By nature, people tend to take as much time as they have to complete a task.  I believe this is a big reason why I start each week jazzed to get my work done early and then I end up not being able to really finish and launch Olivia tells a story about how she had a year to finish a book, but imposed an artificial timeline on herself of one month.  Of course, she wasn’t able deliver a completed book within a month, but she did deliver a rough draft of 1/3rd of the book to her publisher in that time, much more than she normally would have produced.  chrisma

I’d like to try an experiment in Week 6.  I am going to commit to producing at least rough drafts of all assignments by Wednesday and then use the remaining time to edit and perfect my work.  I’m excited to see how this turns out.  I look forward to Week 6!

Here’s the video that got me interested in listening to her audio book:







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