Those Tasty Digital Story Bits

Super Digital Stories Bits

I had a hard time choosing a design assignment from the ds106 assignment bank this week.  I looked at several and kept tossing them aside for the next and the next, so I decided to grab a random assignment and tell myself I would just do it no matter what it was.  The assignment I ended up with was to design my own cereal box.

This turned out to be pretty fun.  I thought of this class approaches digital stories as a series of small interconnected stories, that we are constantly creating digital story bits, some of them are more tasty than others, and how every once in a while you even run into a secret toy surprise!

I made a cereal box for Super Digital Stories Bits which includes Gifs, Blogs, Tweets, and at the end of the rainbow, who knows?   This was a simple creation, I used PowerPoint graphics capabilities to draw a 3-d box using lines, then used  used shapes, logos, and pictures I found on the web, saved it as a picture and uploaded it to Flickr.

Some more great resources for using PowerPoint’s graphics capabilities:

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